The main and acute question For the residents of big city today is how and where organise its holidays in the open air due to an ecological situation. Moreover the huge part of time is spended on the establishment of the appropriate living conditions. In neighboring Finland, this problem is solved by the organization of camping and renting cottages at the lakes area. 
The recreation complex «Fregat» has many benefits. First of all, the unique location of the complex on a private peninsula and its accessible of Vyborg allows you to enjoy the whole range of services so necessary for tired and exhausted guests. Comfortable cottages on the peninsula allow small companies to spend time in Russia enjoing its lakes and forests, but also with all urban facIlities and wonderful finnish sauna. Despite the common area of the recreation facility, the neighboring houses are almost invisible one for another and don’t disturb a cozy and comfortable family rest.
The main feature of Frigate recreation facility- is its unique location — on the territory of a single peninsula between the Gulf of Finland and the Saimaa Canal. This arrangement allows for the availability of convenient approach and the proximity of Vyborg, separate from the rest of the noisy world into separate territories database. Carrying out of the closed or unique activities will not interfere with any extraneous stimuli. The recreation facility can be a place of rest for the country of your employees. Secluded corporate entertainment is nothing to prevent — resting on the peninsula, you will feel in a separate world, both on the deck of a ship sailing on the Gulf of Finland 
Look on our website with this wonderful peninsula near the Finnish — Frigate recreation facility. Look closely at the photos of beautiful nature, learn about the sights of the city of Vyborg. Imagine how nice and cozy you can spend your time here, even if held a big event. Experience the magic air, water splashing on the shore, and, for sure, you will want to come here with your friends!


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